B.Kin., M.A. (in progress)




I am a graduate student with Yorkville University completing a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology.  My background in business administration exposed me to people from all aspects of society and helped me realize I could be using my strengths to benefit others.  I have a passion for health and wellness and in particular Mental Health and Addictions.  Through volunteer work and life experience my interest has grown so I embarked on the path to inspire, connect, motivate, and celebrate Mental Health through advocacy work.

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"For me, the point of media interviews is not to "raise awareness" but to provoke actions that make lives better.

Over the last 25+ years, I've worked with hundreds of spokespeople from lay people to technical experts - some were useless, most were hit and miss, even with media training.

Lesley is one of those unicorns that has a compelling life experience and knows how to tell and use her story to give others the occasion, example and permission they need to take important steps that make their lives better. She is a powerful and effective advocate, spokesperson and inspiration for those living with mental illness."

Michael Dunn, President, Dunn & Associates Communications and Public Affairs Inc.