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Why I became an RCT-C ...

My business coach and mentor have been strongly encouraging to include written content on my social media platforms, as a way to build brand awareness. I sometimes struggle to create meaningful content on my social media platforms, and am always impressed when people come out with fresh content on a regular basis. I find myself with some time on my hands this afternoon, so here’s my take on what started me on this journey to become a registered counselling therapist candidate.

I think I’ve always been interested in health and wellness, that’s why I was interested in my undergraduate degree of Kinesiology. But my interest really developed for mental health when I started on my own recovery or discovery journey. It started when I was 26 when I saw my first counselling therapist. I was intrigued then at what they did for a career, and although I was the one getting help, I sat there thinking that could be me someday.

My journey through the mental health system was anything but smooth. But what I can say, is that I met some people that have had a large impact on who I am today. I spent many years in the recovery or discovery phase of my life, when one day I started looking into social work or counselling therapy degrees. I ultimately choose to take my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University.

Why a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology? Counselling therapy is a field that offers a range of specializations, allowing therapists to work with diverse populations and address a wide range of mental health concerns. Additionally, counselling therapy can offer a sense of personal and professional growth, as therapists continuously learn new skills and approaches to better serve their clients.

Ultimately, I choose the path I’m on to dedicate myself to giving back to the mental health field, one which has so generously given me back my health. As we all know, health is wealth.

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