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When Should You See a Therapist?

If you are experiencing distress or difficulty in any area of your life, therapy can be a helpful tool to help you work through your challenges and build a happier, healthier life. Some common reasons people seek therapy; because they are struggling with a mental health issue, experiencing relationship problems, life transitions such as the start of a new job, death of a loved one, divorce, trauma or abuse, and substance abuse.

Here at Coastal Hope Counselling, we recognize that people may be experiencing one or many of the challenges listed above. The goal of counselling is to help individuals address emotional, psychological, and interpersonal issues by providing a safe and supportive environment for them to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. One of the main goals of therapy is to help individuals develop coping skills and tools that they can use to manage their emotions and navigate challenging situations.

Therapy typically involves meeting with a therapist on a regular basis (usually once every two weeks) for a set amount of time (usually 60 minutes). During this time the therapist will encourage you to talk about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Therapy is a collaborative process, meaning that the therapist and client work together to set goals and develop a treatment plan.

The ultimate goal of therapy is to help clients improve their overall mental health and quality of life.

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