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Dropping Anchor

Are you caught up in a web of thoughts and feelings, unable to make sense of the emotional storm and finding it hard to think clearly? Dropping Anchor is a mindfulness exercise used to manage difficult thoughts and emotions. It is commonly used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a type of therapy that focuses on accepting what is out of our control and committing to actions that align with our values. The technique, Dropping Anchor, can be used for people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and/or other mental health conditions.

In the Dropping Anchor technique, the individual is instructed to choose a physical sensation that they can focus on when they are feeling overwhelmed or distressed. This physical sensation is often something like the feeling of their feet on the ground, their breath, or the sensation of their hands touching each other.

When the individual experiences difficult thoughts or emotions, they can bring their attention to the chosen physical sensation and focus on it for a few moments. This can help to ground them in the present moment and provide a sense of stability and safety.

The first step of Dropping Anchor is to A:Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and/or bodily sensations. The second step is C: Come back into your body. In other words, you might focus on your breath through your nose or mouth, or feel your feet on the floor. The third step is E: Engage in what you’re doing, or with where you are. If you’re having trouble remembering these steps, think ACE (acknowledge, come back, & engage).

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